Month: December 2014



We created a mindmap about the skills COR can acquire through the course of levels. Each level brings a new physic skills such as change of aggregate state, change of temperature, magnetism, creating self-gravity or an atmosphere which COR can use in order to accomplish new tasks and new levels.


First visualization


introducing our main menu: we decided on using tablets as a gaming platform and designed the first screen, being inspired by the beauty of the galaxy. Other screen designs coming soon… 🙂

Swapping group members

Today we swapped a group member and explained our game concept to Alex from another group. We avoided telling him about our aimed target audience and he guessed that it would suit teenagers from 15 upwards, since they would at that age begin being more and more confronted with the laws of physics. Also, he said that he could not see any gender specific features, since our character COR is a little stone-like complexion with no specific gender and no human-like properties. All in all he was very interested in our concept and he said he would really like to play it and was looking forward on our visualization which he recommended doing in 2D – which we also had in plan. With that input, we are now highly motivated to work further on our storyboard and visualization.