Elevator pitch


Genre: 2D-Adventure

Type of Game: Mobile educational game, based on scientific facts.


COR is a 2D adventure game for mobile deviceswhere the main goal is to educate about basic astrophysics in an entertaining way. The main character is a little human-like asteroid who needs to fulfill different tasks by flying through the universe and using physical phenomena like gravity, aggregate state convertion, form changes, blackholes and more.


The main target group are young people and school classes (14-18 years).




  1. Good progress, well done.

    Short comment on the elevator pitch
    “COR is going to be” => COR is a 2D adventure (game? for mobile devices?) where the main goal is to entertain and educate (WHAT – this is missing in this statement) in an exciting way.
    … Then you continue with the explanation and more details, that is fine

    ” The reason for us having chosen this type of game was to give the user the possibility to learn something about physical processes while having fun playing a game and having to think about different ways of solving problems and consequences of his actions.”

    Adventure game allows the player to learn….

    When designing the game world and characters, you will have to have more specific age group in your mind (from design perspective the age gap is very broad – but it fits with the curriculum)


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