Light’s out, the curtains fall. Our game takes you into the vast nothingness of space. A little astroid drifts through the cold darkness. Without any goal or purpose it searches its way around space and time, dodging other asteroids, planets, suns and all the other objects in space, lest it gets absorbed and vanishes into an even colder oblivion. The little astroid knows: If that happened, severe consequences would follow. Though, it doesn’t know which. Or why it knows.

This uncertainty is clarified by an inevitable collision with another asteroid of the same, miraculous, somehow self aware kind. Our little asteroid is struck by sudden realisation. A flashback from a time long before our astroid’s memory reveals its purpose: By merging with that other asteroid it reunited with a part of itself – a part of its former great knowledge and tremendous importance. Our astroid understands that for some still uncertain reason it has to find all of its parts scattered around the universe. Every found part will give him back shatters of its memory, little by little revealing its destiny.

By setting this goal for itself, our little, inconspicuous asteroid becomes our protagonist –
COR is born.

COR, now aware of its duty, starts traveling the universe. It tries to collect its parts and – by doing so – learns everything it’s once forgotten. So it gets to know itself better with every retrieved part, and archieves understanding of the universe and everything in it. COR learns to master the physical powers that hold the universe together, and has to combine them skillfully to find every part. Gravity, speed and altering his density, coretemperature or aggregate state are just some of the tools COR will use to get from level to level. Space and time will be bend by our hero’s iron will to be back to its entire self again.

Our little asteroid grows to become the core of the biggest planet in the universe, with its final fate still to discover.


One comment

  1. Neat intro, curious to meet the COR character.

    (I presume you already checked the market out there for similar games and will make sure that yours is better)


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